Meet Olive Cooke, our Resort 21 muse and woman behind sustainable swimwear label Cooke & Kin. Olive reflects on self-confidence, an organic progression to interiors and drawing inspiration from her undeniable connection to the Australian coastline.

How would you describe your approach to fashion? How is sustainability reflected through your personal style?

I think sustainability in fashion is an absolute must. I think it's essential all brands & fashion spaces have this in mind when creating. My personal style is a mix of comfortable, wearable and forever pieces as I like to wear breathable natural fibers and choose pieces I will wear again and again.

Being immersed in the beautiful landscape of Byron Bay, where do you draw inspiration from your surroundings?

I have grown up by the ocean so I always find inspiration from moments by the sea. Fresh air and bodies of water bring me and so many others joy, whether it's a family holiday, a solitary swim or a place to reset and find your own strength, I think so much can be taken from that.

We recently read that you love collecting beautiful keepsakes from your adventures, what has been your favourite piece to date? Can you tell us more about the story behind this?

My most treasured piece I currently have for our home is a beautiful mobile my dad made out of driftwood and shells. He gave it to us as a wedding present and I can't wait to put it in our new home.

You have a wonderful eye for interiors and we love following your journey with husband Henry via @filesfrom45, are you interested in working further in this particular field?

I absolutely love interiors and shared spaces. Having a husband who is a builder has made this a really enjoyable venture for us to have fun & share our building projects. Files from 45 has evolved really naturally which feels nice, we would love to follow this path wherever it may lead us.

We admire your individuality & free-spirited confidence. What advice can you share with other women in helping them find their own confidence and sense of self?

I think having trust in your own body and mind that it will support and carry you through life the very best way possible is a really wonderful step. Finding confidence is a journey and not something that happens over night but having that trust in yourself to be strong, caring, creative, loving & the best version of YOU is so important.

Tell us more about the pieces you have chosen this month, why did you select these styles and how will you wear them this season?

I love these pieces as I feel I can wear them through any season, I can mix up the pants with singlets on a summers evening as well as adding an extra layer with the flannel shirt as it starts to cool down. It is really important for me to see longevity in my purchases and feel these can see me through making new memories.