This Mother’s Day we wanted to celebrate and introduce you to a few of the incredible mums from our head office team, who work so passionately for the brand while raising a young family of their own.


Margie, what does this day mean to you?

Mothers Day is always special for our family. This is a day we make an extra special effort for those we love, to reflect and appreciate the meaning of family. Personally, it fills me with pride and gratitude that I have the opportunity to raise and guide such gorgeous kids. It reminds me that they are the most important part of my world.

What has been your proudest moment so far as a parent?

My kids are healthy, grounded and kind. This makes me very proud to be their mum.

Ruby, what is your favourite thing about your mum?

She gives great advice! She magically always knows the answer to every problem and I can count on her to always back me up.


In what ways have you changed since becoming a mum?

Motherhood is a wild ride that has changed my life in beautiful ways.

Becoming a mum has made me stronger and more resilient, but at the same time more sensitive and compassionate. I am more confident in my decisions and less worried about what others think. Being a mum gave me perspective, knowing the good days always outweigh the bad.

Can you tell me your favourite thing about Alistair’s personality?

Definitely Ali's cheeky and humorous nature! He is very shy when meeting someone new but once he's warmed up to you, he will show you just how silly and playful he can be.


What advice will you give your son at 18?

My advice would be not to worry so much and live life to the fullest. Friendships are about quality not quantity. You have the rest of your life to be sensible so enjoy being young and fearless!

In what ways have you changed since becoming a mum?
I’m still a very new mum so I’m not sure what’s changed just yet! However, I am much more relaxed and calm than I thought I would be which is a nice surprise.


Skye, what do your kids do that always makes you laugh?

Lux’s outrageous sass and the things that come out her mouth. In total contrast, Rome just saying “naaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” to every question with a big pout and a head shake. Oh and watching them both Irish dance together better than Michael Flatley is a sight to behold.

What have your children taught you?

To surrender, let go, and be ok with not being in control of everything. To appreciate the world’s wonders, even the smallest ones, such as seeing the moon first thing in the morning, or that first twinkling star at dusk. And patience, a lot of patience!

Lux, what is your favourite thing about your mum?

I love her giving me a cuddle and a kiss.

What is your mum’s job?

I don’t know … let’s face time Margie.


What is something that surprised you about motherhood?

Discovering an even greater capacity to love so deeply, purely and without reservation than I’ve ever known. I also love being her safe, happy place.

What similarities do you and Pippa share?

We both have happy and social personalities but equally enjoy our quiet time at home. As she grows and explores her world I can see Pip has inherited my curiosity, determination and stubbornness! She also has my dimples which is pretty adorable.


What is the most rewarding thing about being a mum?

The insane feeling of love as well as the sound of Noah’s laugh and his whole face lighting up when I smile at him.


Fiona, do you have a favourite memory with Yianni?

From her first smile and giggle to her belly laughs today, she brings me so much joy. Yianni loves horseriding, and I love seeing her take on a challenge, learn new things and her beaming smile when she's proud of herself. She's so kind, makes people feel special and is a very loyal friend, I love that about her.

What are your hopes and dreams for your daughter?

I hope for Yianni to live a life that is brave, kind, caring, and that she is fearless in striving for her goals. To not be afraid to try, fail and learn from her experiences. I hope for her to have a wonderful group of friends and family to support her through everything and share in her journey. I think all parents hope for health, happiness and love for their children.

Yianni, what is your favourite thing to do with your mum?

Driving to school in the morning, riding our horses together, her doing my hair like hers, and just spending time with my awesome mum.

It’s a small tribute that we hope you will enjoy as much as we did creating it.

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at V&W.