Mazda Australia recently launched Design Driven, a sustainability-led design challenge integrated into RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles’ curriculum, overseen by V&W founder & creative director, Margie Woods.

Celebrating the arrival of Mazda’s first-ever MX-30 model, the challenge saw students inspired by design techniques and fabrics utilised in the MX-30. Materials such as vegan leather, heritage cork, and repurposed plastic waste was used throughout the challenge, with RMIT Fashion Design students creating pieces that are innovative and sustainable whilst being fashion-forward.

“Creating a conscious brand has always been at the heart of Viktoria & Woods, so I am thrilled to be able to work with up-and-coming designers to show them how sustainability is accessible and able to remain fashionable.”


With sustainability being an intrinsic part of the V&W brand, Margie mentored each student throughout the challenge, imparting knowledge from her journey of creating Viktoria & Woods and championing everlasting, sustainable products.

Watch the full episodes below:

Agency: Alt/Shift

Creative Director: Anna Fullerton

Agency Producer: Genevieve O'Shea

Production Company: Wildebeest

Director: Jarred Osborn

Producer: Josie Bynes

Partners: Mazda Australia, RMIT University & RMIT Advanced Fashion Studios, Viktoria & Woods and Margie Woods