Women We Work With

"Behind most fashion brands, is a strong community of women, who invest their heart & soul into every design and brand communication. I feel fortunate to be part of an industry that is dominated by women. In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we are pleased to introduce you to a few women who are a part of the V&W world. Women who continue to support and inspire behind the scenes, yet deserve the limelight. They are our co creators who bring our vision to life.

Over the coming days, you will meet, Giang, our sample machinist whose skill and knowledge of garment construction has been built over generations and whose craftsmanship is essential to our process. Hollie, a close personal friend and formidable General Manager of our wholesale partner (and my side gig) The LOFFT Agency. Georgia, Founder of GGPR, the most vibrant & passionate PR specialist in the business. Kylie & Alicia the Directors of Golden, who have created many of our boutiques. Georgie, a long time collaborator and Co Director of Linden Cook. And finally, Arielle, Director of Cinema Thom, who produce some of the inhouse content we create and share with our followers each day.

Wishing all our gorgeous customers a happy International Women’s Day.”



Where possible spot clean, otherwise cool hand wash with an approved wool detergent & dry flat. Ideally air out regularly, taking advantage of the wools ‘self cleaning’ properties. Make sure to store your knitwear folded to keep its shape.

From time to time you may find your knitwear may pill a little. This is common shedding that occurs in finer wools including cashmere & merino that possess a softer handle. Although V&W knitwear pilling levels are very low, you can easily remove pilling one at a time gently by hand or simply use a de-pilling comb.


Cupro washes and wears beautifully, however tumble drying should be avoided as it can potentially break down the yarn and produce a faded colour.

The best way to maintain it's silky appearance and integregitry is by cold hand washing seperatly and drying flat in the shade.


Silk is maintaned best when dry cleaned with care. Ironing on a high heat can cause the fabric to burn and weaken the delicate nature of the yarn. To remove wrinkles and creases, turn your silk inside out and place a cloth between a cool iron and the silk garment.

We suggest avoiding spot cleaning your silk pieces as this can stain and leave a water mark.


Always wash in cold water, warm to hot water can cause the garment to shrink.

Shake out when wet will help with ironing and returning your garment to it’s original shape. Line dry or lay flat.

Cotton is easiest to iron when it is slightly damp.

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