Sydney florist My Violet is the team behind the exquisite floral installations in our Paddington, Bondi & Mosman boutiques.

We are proud to have worked with this creative & passionate team for the past 3 years who continue to inspire us.

If you're spoilt with a floral bouquet, Alice & Myra from My Violet explain how to get the most out of your floral arrangement.

Firstly, don't leave your bouquet lying on your desk or bench. Tend to the blooms as soon as you can.


When unwrapping flowers, Alice suggests keeping the beautiful ribbon that they're wrapped with for a later use, instead of it going to waste.

All floral bunches will come with some wet tissue around the stems to keep moisture to the flowers until they reach you. This will only keep the flowers moist for a few hours. Remove the stems from any plastic and the wet tissue.

Be careful not to cut through the clear jelly tie which will be sitting higher on the stems. We arrange each bunch so the blooms perfectly compliments one another in placement, size and shape. Keeping this clear tie in place will ensure the arrangement stays as the florist intended. Of course, this is personal preference, but we recommend to leave it tied.


Choose the vase you'd like to display your flowers in. Things to take into account when selecting a vase are the length of the stems and the size of the blooms. The bigger the florals, the bigger the vase.


Hold the flowers up against your vase to ascertain how much to cut off the stems. Be wary not to cut stems too short or the flowers will sit too low in the vase (they shouldn't sit below the rim), and on the other hand if they're left too long they will be toppling out of the vase.

A general rule of thumb is to keep the blooms sitting 5-10cm above the top of the vase.

When trimming the stems, cut them on an angle to maximise their water intake.


If you've left the jelly tie on you'll need to decide whether your arrangement will be standing up straight (if you've cut the stems to the perfect length of the vase) or if you would prefer it tilted to one side of the vase, as shown here.

In this example, the tilted position allows you to admire the arrangement of the blooms in full.

If there's no jelly tie you can either place one stem at a time into the vase to build the arrangement gradually or you place them as a bunch and then tweak a few stems to fill any gaps and make sure the hero flowers are showcased facing you.


Should you add some sugar or bleach to the water with the flowers?

You can add one of these if you have them but it's really not needed. In fact some florals, such as tulips, are best kept in clean water.

How often should you change the water in a vase?

Ideally everyday but we understand that may not be realistic so every second day is ok. Keeping your florals in fresh water will extend their life.